Alloy Automation
Calculating App Actions
An app action is counted every time a workflow successfully moves data or takes action for you. You can think of it as every time an app is involved as well (so logic blocks and manual triggers are not counted, though API blocks do count since they ultimately are another way of interfacing with a 3rd party service).
For example, if you have a workflow that gets all of your store's orders (lets say you have 10 orders) and for each order you want to add some data to two different Google Sheets, this will count as 10 orders * 2 actions each = 20 app actions.
Here's another example. Let's say you have a workflow like this: Trigger when order is paid -> Loop through each line item in the order -> For each line item [add data to Google Sheet 1 -> add data to Google Sheet 2] -> Send Slack -> Send Text.
If 5 orders come in, each with 2 line items, then this workflow runs 5 orders * [ (2 line items * 2 Google Sheet actions each) + 1 slack message + 1 text message] = 30 app actions.
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