Welcome to Alloy!

What is Alloy?

Alloy is a suite of products designed to help you streamline data flow between applications. We offer two core products which serve different business needs:

Our core product, Alloy Embedded, is built for B2B software businesses. By embedding a simple SDK, you can instantly add support for the over 220+ (and growing) integrations supported by the Alloy platform within your own app. Alloy Embedded takes away the complexity and time consuming effort of building integrations. Instead, once you embed our SDK in your platform, the Alloy infrastructure handles all the behind the scenes work – OAuth, redirects, credential management, rate limiting, batching, etc.

Our second product, Alloy Flow , is a no-code integration platform for merchants to build powerful workflows. An example workflow could be: "When an order is placed in my Shopify store, check if the order is over $100 in purchase value. If true, tag the order as "high value" and alert my "customers" Slack channel".

How do I get started?

Keep reading to get started! We'll cover core concepts such as:

  • How to build your first integration
  • How to embed the Alloy SDK in your codebase
  • And much more