In this article, you'll learn how to integrate AfterShip with 90+ other apps via Alloy's automation platform. Once you've connected AfterShip, you'll be able to pull or push data from tools like ReCharge, Yotpo, SMSBump & others that AfterShip doesn't support natively.

Example Use Cases

  • Shipment updates via text - When there is a shipment update, send a text to the customer via SMSBump, Tone, or Attentive
  • Update loyalty points - Once a shipment is processed, ensure appropriate loyalty points updates in apps like, Yotpo, & LoyaltyLion
  • Create re-engagement ticket - If a customer's order is shipped and they've left a bad review, create a ticket in Gorgias for a customer support rep to manually reach out to the customer.

Connect to Alloy

  1. In Alloy, create a new workflow
  2. Select AfterShip Trigger as the first app in your workflow.
  1. Follow the instructions to paste the Alloy-generated link into your Aftership account settings
  1. Set up the rest of the workflow how you please!