Start automating your BigCommerce store using Alloy!

In this article, you'll learn how to set up your BigCommerce account to work with the Alloy platform. Once you've connected BigCommerce, you'll be able to sync data from Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and other apps into BigCommerce and vice versa.

Example Use Cases

  1. Reward customers with over 5 subscription renewals (ReCharge) with additional gift item for their next delivery and extra loyalty points (in Yotpo or
  2. Text new BigCommerce customers a discount code (via Postscript or Attentive)
  3. Email customers shipping updates with a corresponding AfterShip link
  4. Recover abandoned checkouts with PushOwl push notifications

Add Your BigCommerce Account to Alloy

Read the instructions below to get set up, or watch the following video to learn how Alloy's BigCommerce integration works

Setup Instructions

  1. In your dashboard, create a new workflow from scratch

  2. Select the BigCommerce trigger

  1. Enter your store hash. You can follow the instructions below to find your hash:
  • Login to your BigCommerce Store -> Go to Advanced Settings -> Click API Accounts -> Create API Account (V2/V3 Token)
  • You can find a field named "API Path", with the following structure:
  1. Choose an event to trigger the workflow. For example, if you choose Order Created, the workflow will run every time an order is created in your BigCommerce store.
  1. You can now continue building the rest of your workflow! Select additional logic or action blocks to automate work across other apps.