Boost your shopper conversations and strengthen customer retention within Gorgias - a customer service platform designed for fast-growing ecommerce merchants, now featuring a Buy with Prime integration powered by Alloy. Gorgias unifies your orders, conversations, social comments, and direct messages in a single, comprehensive customer ticket view. Enable your customer success team to seamlessly handle Buy with Prime requests all from your Gorgias interface.

Key Features

  • Create the Buy with Prime exclusive widget in Gorgias, featuring a tailored made template for efficient data streaming.
  • Accelerate response times for Buy with Prime inquiries, fostering enhanced customer relationships.
  • Gain comprehensive customer insights prior to responding, complete with order and conversation history.

Installation Guide

Learn how to install the integration and take the necessary actions in Omnisend.

Install the app through Buy with Prime

  1. In your Buy with Prime console, go to Marketplace, find "Gorgias by Alloy Automation", click the card, then click Add App.
    {{insert screenshot}}
  2. Review the authorization request and click Authorize.
  3. After a short load, you will be prompted to input an email, we'll use this to reach you if anything happens with your integration.
    {{insert screenshot}}
  4. Following the email, you can authenticate your Gorgias by inserting your Gorgias subdomain. Your subdomain will be in the URL of your Gorgias account preceding .gorgias.com. Afterwards you will be prompted to login to your Gorgias account if you are not logged in already. If you don't already have a Gorgias account, you can create one by visiting their signup page.
  5. Once authenticated and installed, your integration is good to go and you'll be able to check the newly created widget for the customers BwP order information.

Gorgias Widget

Once you have the Gorgias app installed, any customer who has a Buy with Prime order will have it reflected on the right hand side of their profile in the Buy with Prime Orders widget that was created upon installation.


  • Why does the widget only appear for some customers and not all?
    The Buy with Prime Orders widget will only appear on the profiles that have pre-existing Buy with Prime orders. Once a customer who has never placed a Buy with Prime order places their first order, the widget will be displayed for them as well.
  • What order will the widget show?
    The widget will display all Buy with Prime orders for that customer with the most recent order updates being listed under Newest Order.
  • How can I see more details of the Buy with Prime orders for a customer?
    Just simply click on the Order URL in the Order Info section and that will take you directly to the Buy with Prime order console.