Convert more sales with highly-personalized marketing across email, SMS, and ad channels that leverage AI and data-backed marketing tools that drive repeat purchase. Boost sales with automated email campaigns, product recommendations, and discounts based on real-time shopping behavior data to bring customers back to complete their purchase.

Key Features:

  • Efficiently recover potentially lost revenue through automated abandoned cart campaigns. Send automated follow-up emails tailored to users who haven't completed their purchases, effectively capturing sales.
  • Seamlessly synchronize data in real time and get an in-depth view of each contact in your audience. View data at the contact profile level like purchase activity, amount spent, and understand your audience shopping behavior.
  • Sync customers with a personalized Buy with Prime tag, enabling sophisticated segmentation strategies to send personalized messages and nurture relationships with your customers to drive repeat sales.

Installation Guide

  1. In your Buy with Prime console, go to Marketplace, find "Mailchimp by Alloy Automation", click the card, then click Add App.
  2. Review the authorization request and click Authorize. After a short load, you will be prompted to input an email, we'll use this to reach you if anything happens with your integration.
  3. Following the email, you'll be asked to authenticate your Mailchimp account.
  4. After adding your credentials, you'll be asked to select a Connected Store in Mailchimp and set the delay for your cart abandonment. Be sure to use the same delay you have selected in your Mailchimp account.
  5. Once confirmed and installed, your integration is good to go and Alloy will start passing your Buy with Prime order and cart data to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp Campaign Setup

If you don’t already have an abandoned cart automation set up for your connected store, you can follow this guide to find, configure, and activate the relevant Customer Journey for your store.


  • Why do I need a Connected Store in Mailchimp to use this app?
    Connected stores in Mailchimp also sync the catalog data powering your DTC platform and Buy with Prime sites. Using that information and Mailchimp's connected store notification system, Alloy sends events from Buy with Prime to Mailchimp ensuring catalog, cart, order, and customer data matches.
  • Will the correct Buy with Prime cart link be passed through to the customer?
    Yes, the cart URL will take the customer back to their Buy with Prime cart with the same products and quantities pre-populated. To do so, please ensure you set up your abandoned cart via the Mailchimp Customer Journey builder. A button will be automatically generated that will link the customer back to the Buy with Prime order.
  • Will the app create duplicate abandoned cart email communications?
    No, the app does not create duplicates from your e-commerce platform and Buy with Prime as the checkouts live on different platforms.
  • What are the exit conditions for the abandonment flow??
    Before the abandoned cart email goes out, Alloy checks the stock of each product and if the same customer has placed any order in your specified abandonment time. Only if the conditions are met does the abandoned cart email go out.
  • What if the product is no longer in stock or the customer has made a purchase
    In both these conditions, the abandoned checkout email will not be sent.
  • Are any of my automations retroactive?
    No, only new events after installation will be synced over to Mailchimp
  • Can I change the delay time or connected store that I configured during installation?
    Yes. You can click "Go to Alloy" on your Buy with Prime Merchant Console where you'll be taken to the configuration screen of the Mailchimp app. If you change the time delay (in hours), be sure that change is also made in Mailchimp.
  • Will Buy with Prime users have opted into my mailing list on Mailchimp?
    If a customer already exists within Mailchimp, their subscription status will not change. If a customer does not exist in Mailchimp, they will be created as a transactional list member allowing them to receive transactional emails such as abandoned cart and order notification emails.
  • What information do we sync about the customer if the customer does not exist in Mailchimp?
    The integration will sync the first name, last name, email, shipping address, and a tag with the label ‘buy_with_prime’ to enable audience segmentation.