Omnisend takes your Buy with Prime marketing strategy to the next level with automated abandoned cart email campaigns. When connected with Buy with Prime, Omnisend offers merchants the capability to tactically address abandoned carts, ensuring that potential sales are not overlooked.

Key features:

  • Engage and recapture potential buyers through strategic abandoned cart email campaigns. Send personalized emails to your shoppers who’ve abandoned their Buy with Prime orders, transforming potential misses into secured sales.
  • Create segments of Buy with Prime shoppers, empowering refined segmentation. Harness this for enhanced communication techniques, fortifying customer relations, and bolstering repeat purchases.

Installation Guide

Learn how to install the integration and take the necessary actions to setup your camapigns in Omnisend.

  1. In your Buy with Prime console, go to Marketplace, find "Omnisend by Alloy Automation", click the card, then click Add App.
  2. Review the authorization request and click Authorize.
  3. After a short load, you will be prompted to input an email, we'll use this to reach you if anything happens with your integration.
  4. Following the email, you can input your Omnisend credential. To find your API key, click here.
  5. After entering your credentials, you will be prompted to choose a time unit to determine when a cart is deemed abandoned. If you want to change this, you just need to navigate back to the app page in Buy with Prime's Merchant Console Marketplace and click Edit App.
  6. Once confirmed and installed, your integration is good to go and you'll be able to use the newly created abandoned cart trigger in Omnisend campaigns.

Omnisend Campaign Setup

Upon installation of the integration Alloy created a trigger in Omnisend called "buy with prime checkout abandoned". This trigger can be used in Omnisend's Automation feature, which you can find out more about here. Here's how you would use the "Checkout abandoned" trigger to create your email campaign.

  1. In Omnisend, navigate to Automation and select New Workflow, or click here.
  2. You can opt to select a predefined Abandoned Cart template, where you'll have to change the trigger and configure your email. Alternatively, you can use the button to Create custom workflow, which we'll do in this guide.

  3. In the newly created workflow, select Trigger then navigate to and select the "Buy with Prime Checkout Abandoned" trigger.
  4. If there are additional workflow conditions you wish to apply (e.g., sending only to customers in a specific list), you can specify them at this stage. You can also select the desired communication method, whether it's Email, SMS, or Push notification, based on what works best for your store. For our purposes, we will be opting for a simple email.
  5. Once you have set up the subject, preheader, sender's name, and email address, you can proceed by clicking on "Edit content". This will allow you to customize your email using "personalization tags" sourced from the corresponding Buy with Prime cart. You have the option to configure the email with personalization tags such as the product name, URL, quantity, price, return to checkout URL, and product image URL.
  6. Once you click Finish editing, you'll be taken back to the automation configuration page, where you can opt to add additional steps depending on your needs. Once totally finished, you can click Start workflow and the events will start flowing through as expected.


  • What do I need to begin using the ‘Omnisend for Buy with Prime’ by Alloy?
    As a Buy with Prime merchant, you’ll use your existing Buy with Prime credentials to log into the merchant console to access the Buy with Prime Marketplace. This will be required to locate and install the Omnisend for Buy with Prime app by Alloy. In addition, you will need an existing account with the Omnisend or you can click here to sign-up for a new account. If you’re already using an existing account with Omnisend for your DTC store, we recommend that you use the same account credentials when connecting your Buy with Prime account through Alloy.
  • I’m already using an Alloy Order Sync app, will that impact installing this app?
    The Alloy order sync apps syncs your confirmed Buy with Prime orders into your DTC store. This enables you to use your downstream workflows for Buy with Prime orders just as you would for your DTC orders. However, it does not provide visibility into abandoned checkouts for Buy with Prime orders, which can be up to 70% of your shopper visits. This app provides the means to access your shopper data for Buy with Prime abandoned checkouts, enabling you to re-engage with your shoppers through email reminders and recover sales.
  • Will this work if I’ve enabled Multi-SKU cart for Buy with Prime?
    Yes. If you’ve enabled Multi-SKU cart for Buy with Prime, the Abandoned checkout email reminders will contain the Cart URL from the abandoned Buy with Prime order. This cart URL will take the customer back to the abandoned Buy with Prime checkout with the products and quantities pre-populated.
  • What are the exit conditions for the abandonment flow? What if the product is no longer in stock or the customer has made a purchase?
    Before the abandoned cart email would go out, the integration checks the stock of each product and if the same customer has placed any order in your specified abandonment time. If the conditions are met, Alloy sends the trigger to Omnisend, else, it does not.
  • Are any of my automations retroactive?
    No, only new events after installation will be synced over to Omnisend
  • How do I change the delay time or connected store that I configured during installation?
    On the Omnisend for Buy with Prime app by Alloy page, click on the "Go to Alloy" link in the top right corner. This will allow you to set your desired time delay.
  • Will Buy with Prime users have opted into my mailing list on Omnisend?
    Ans: If a customer already exists within Omnisend, their subscription status will not change. If a customer does not exist in Omnisend, they will be created as a transactional list member allowing them to receive transactional emails such as abandoned cart and order notification emails.