Custom Connector Auth: API Key

Learn more about authentication in Custom Connector using API Key

Alloy's Custom Connector supports the most popular authentication types allowing you to easily configure end-user authentication for third-party apps we don't support natively. The Alloy modal makes it easy to support authentication using an API Key.

To set up a Bearer token authentication flow, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Follow the instructions to Create a Custom Connector.

Step 2

Navigate to the Authentication step. Switch to the API Key screen by clicking on the API Key tab in the modal.

Step 3

Complete the Key and Value fields with details from the third-party app for which you are creating this Custom Connector. Choose where to add the API key in the HTTP request e.g. Header. When the Header option is selected, the API key is passed in the Authorization header with each request to authenticate it.

Step 4

Hit the Save Credential button. Then, click Continue to continue setting up your Custom Connector.