Error Handler

Learn how to use the Error Handler block to gracefully deal with workflow errors.


Alloy Embedded's Error Handler block helps reduce friction when workflows error. Use our Error Handler block to take action based on the API status codes to define logic rules for when a block fails.

How to Handle Errors in a Response

Let's assume we have a workflow that creates a cash record in NetSuite every time an order is triggered via Custom Event. When faced with errors, the Error Handler block will halt the workflow and return an error. We've configured the Error Handler to send out a Slack message to our internal Slack each time the NetSuite action fails with error 401.

The Error Handler block acts much like the branch block, allowing you to define multiple paths depending on the status code responses.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we took a look at how to use the Error Handler block to gracefully address errors in workflows.