Field Types

Learn about the various field types in Alloy Embedded


Alloy Embedded supports several different field types. The term field types refers to the various options that present when configuring the inputs in the Alloy Workflow Builder. Understanding what types of data and variables can be entered into input fields will greatly improve your workflow building experience.

Single line fields

Single line fields are the simplest field type. They accept a string value. You can map a variable in lieu of string to dynamically pass data. In the example below, the Order field is a single line field while the Fulfillment Status is a dropdown (more on this later).

Of course, you may also enter static text in any of these single line fields.

Multi-line fields

The next most common field type is the multi-line content composer, usually for longer messages, emails, and notes. The larger content composer gives you the freedom to include any type of variable from the Variable Selector.

Multi-line fields allow you to concatenate strings with variables as seen below.

Tag fields

Tag fields allow you to add as many separate text or variable tags as you'd like. In the example below, the workflow tags a customer with the "VIP" and "Important" tags.

Date field

Date fields are a common field necessary whenever you interact with time based workflows. Note that that many Third Party Apps interpret dates and their formats differently.

In the case that two apps have incompatible date fields, you can use the Date Formatter block found under Utilities to manage and access dates across different apps. When selecting a date on Alloy Embedded, we present a calendar and timestamp view.

Boolean field

Binary variables are used throughout Alloy Embedded to customize data outputs (usually lists) to a user's needs. In this example, the Boolean field prevents Alloy from pulling in thousands of rows in an Airtable as users are often only interested in those that are recently edited.

Phone field

The phone field makes it easy to format phone numbers as seen below.


Dropdowns allow you to handle a selection when there are multiple options to choose from.