Learn how Alloy Embedded can help solve your most advanced business integration requirements

What is Alloy Embedded?

Alloy Embedded is a powerful Embedded iPaaS designed to help you streamline data flows between applications.

By embedding a simple SDK, you can instantly add support for the over 270+ (and growing) integrations within your own application. Alloy Embedded takes away the complexity and time consuming effort of building integrations in house. After you've embedded our SDK, Alloy Embedded infrastructure handles all the behind the scenes work – OAuth, redirects, credential management, field mapping, rate limiting, batching, and much more.

Where to go from here

If this sounds interesting, the you've found the right place. Keep reading to get started. We'll cover core concepts such as:

  • How to build your first integration
  • How to embed the Alloy Embedded SDK in your codebase
  • How to stream data to your application
  • Going live