Iterate is located under the logic connector in the workflow editor.

Iterate does exactly what it says. When you have iterable data, use iterate to map over it.

For example, if we had a list of orders from a merchant's Shopify store and wanted to see only orders that have been fulfilled, you could use iterate.

To use iterate, drag and drop it into your workflow. Click in the List to loop through input field. Then, select the connector that contains the data you want to loop through. Click Next > Done.

You can use iterate in conjunction with the if-else to add a condition during iteration.

Stop Trigger

To iterate over data and stop immediately a condition is met, use the Stop Trigger connector listed under Logic.

A good use case for Stop Trigger is when working with an API that does not allow for filtering data. For example, when iterating through a list of customers, you can use Stop Trigger to stop iterating over the list when it finds the customerId you have defined beforehand.