On Installation Trigger

Trigger a Workflow when Users Install an Integration

Occasionally, you may want to perform an action when users complete the installation of your integration. For instance, you could post to a Slack channel to announce a new customer sign-up, or push logging data to an analytics tool.

On Installation workflows are automatically hidden from your users, so they won't see them when installing your integration using the Alloy Frontend SDK modal.


If you use the Alloy SDK with specific workflowIDs instead of the entire integration, ensure you include the workflowID for this workflow.

Select the On Installation Trigger and click Next. No additional configuration is required for On Installation Triggers. Simply add the desired logic and release the workflow. Now, whenever the Integration is installed either as a whole or with this workflowId included, the workflow will run.


Consider this Shopify integration as an example. We have two workflows: one containing our Shopify workflow and another with the On Installation workflow.

When previewing the modal, only the Shopify workflow is presented for connection. After connecting the required accounts, the user clicks Finish Installation, and the "On Install Action" workflow runs.

It is important to note that this will trigger any time the workflow is installed. This includes initial installs and workflow upgrades which can sometimes require a fresh install of the workflow.