In this article, you'll learn how to integrate Rebuy with 90+ other apps via Alloy's automation platform. Once you've connected Rebuy, you'll be able to pull or push data from tools like ReCharge, Yotpo, SMSBump & others that Rebuy doesn't support natively.

Example Use Cases

  • Customize product upsells - When an order is placed, wait a specified amount of time before using Rebuy's recommendation engine to show customers products they're likely to buy

  • Create discounts for best sellers - Create a discount code for products in Rebuy's best seller category

  • Utilize data better - Enrich customer profiles on any ecommerce platform app with Rebuy data, improving segmentation and customization abilities

Connect to Alloy

  1. In Alloy, create a new workflow.

  2. Select any trigger as the first app in your workflow, pick Rebuy in an action block to be prompted with authentication.

  1. Follow the instructions to paste the Alloy-generated link into your Rebuy account settings.
  1. Set up the rest of the workflow how you please!