In this article, you'll learn how to set up your Snowflake account to work with the Alloy platform.

To obtain credentials, you will need the following:

  • Account Name
  • Database Name
  • Data Warehouse Name
  • Snowflake Username
  • Snowflake Password
  • Role

As you can see below, Alloy will need this information to make queries to your Snowflake warehouse. You'll want to copy/paste that information in Alloy once you have it. In this guide, we'll explore how to obtain these keys.

How to get the Account Name

To obtain your account name, navigate to Admin on the sidebar then choose Account. There are two parts to your Account Name. Note down the top part and the bottom part.

How to get the Data Warehouse Name

Go to Admin on the sidebar then choose Warehouses. Then, note down the Warehouse Name from the list

How to get Database, Schema and Role

Go to Data on the sidebar, select your desired database and schema. There you will find the database (1), schema (2) and role (3). The role will be the role of the user you want to use to access.

Complete Block Credentials

Now that you have everything needed, return to Alloy.

For the Account Name, input the first part followed by a hyphen and the second part. Input the Database, Schema and Role. Finally input the Username and Password of the user you want to use for the credentials.

(Optional) Adding Alloy’s IP Address

If you have IP whitelisting on your Snowflake warehouse, you will need to whitelist Alloy servers to connect to Snowflake. To learn more about this, please read this article.

  1. To enable whitelisting, first go to Admin on the sidebar and click Security
  2. Click on the + Network Policy Button to add a network policy.
  3. Input the IP Address under the Allowed IP Addresses
  4. Then click on Create Network Policy on the pop-up to save.