Learn how to integrate in your workflows

In this article, you'll learn how to integrate with the Alloy platform. Once you've connected, you'll be able to sync data from Omnisend, Typeform, Postscript, and our other integrated apps to view customer data in one location.

Example use cases include:

  1. Sending review requests to customers via email or SMS

  2. Gathering points data from and adding to user profiles in Gorgias, Omnisend, & other tools with customer data

  3. Add rewards and gift inserts to orders once a user hits a certain point level

  4. Update customers tags in Shopify or other apps based on their various points tiers

Creating a workflow in Alloy

  1. In Alloy, create a new workflow

  2. Select ReCharge Trigger, or any app you'd like to trigger the workflow. Set up the app.

  3. Choose as the second block in your workflow by clicking on the + icon next to the trigger

  1. Choose any action, such as Get User By Email
  1. Authenticate your account by getting the keys from
  1. Configure your block by adding in the output of your workflow's trigger or any other preceding blocks
  1. Once you're done you can activate the workflow!