Styling the Modal

Learn how to style the Alloy Modal experience to meet your brand's look and feel


Branding is important to all customers. To ensure Alloy Embedded fits natively into your platform, we allow ISVs to style the Alloy Modal. Let's take a look how.

How it Works

Many customers want to style the modal to their company's look and feel. If this is you, we support a way for you to style the modal to your company's color. To change the Alloy Modals's colors:

  • Navigate to the Settings page
  • Under Brand Color select the hex code of your choosing
  • Hit Save Changes

To preview your changes, navigate to any integration you've built so far as seen below. Select the Preview button.

When you select the preview, Alloy Embedded with render the modal preview with your desired color scheme. These changes will reflect immediately.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we took a look at how to style the Alloy Modal to fit your brand's color scheme.