TikTok Shop

Learn how to set up and configure TikTok Shop with Alloy.

In this article, you'll learn how to set up a TikTok Shop integration with the Alloy platform.

Example Use Cases

  • Loyalty and Rewards: Empower your customers to incentivize their end-users by using Alloy to provide a seamless integration between your Loyalty & Rewards platform and their TikTok Shop. Now, end-users can earn rewards on each order.
  • Inventory Management: Inventory management platforms can help merchants manage their inventory across multiple platforms including TikTok shop from one place. When you integrate TikTok Shop with Alloy, merchants can seamlessly update product information in TikTok Shop, Shopify, and more from one interface.

Creating a TikTok Shop Workflow in Alloy

  1. Head to the Alloy Embedded workflow editor by navigating to Embedded iPaaS > Integrations. Then, start a new TikTok shop integration.

  2. Drag and Drop a trigger into the workflow editor to start building your workflow. You can use any of our 90+ App triggers to get started. In this guide, we're using the installation manager trigger located under the utilities tab.

  3. With a trigger selected, it's time to add an action to your workflow. In the Destinations panel, search for TikTok Shop. Drag and Drop the TikTok Shop block into your workflow builder.

  4. Click inside the Block action field to see the different actions Alloy supports out of the box when building a TikTok shop integration. Select your desired action and click next.

  5. Fill out the required inputs for your selected action. See the TikTok Shop documentation for more information.

  6. Continue building your workflow and release your integration for use when complete!

Authentication in TikTok Shop

To authenticate through the Alloy embedded modal, a TikTok Shop code is required. The Shop code can be accessed by clicking the shop icon in the top right of the TikTok Shop dashboard.

Customers will also need to sign in with their TikTok shop username and password, when prompted, to gain access.