Using Recipes

In Alloy, you will see a category called “Marketplace” on the left hand side of your screen. The Marketplace is where you can explore popular workflows being used on Alloy (we like to call them recipes), allowing you to easily use and customize them instead of creating your own from scratch.

How do you use the Marketplace?

  1. Find the recipe you'd like to implement. In this case, we're using the recipe we published in the Creating Recipes tutorial: Send Slack messages when inventory is low
  1. After clicking on "Use Workflow", authenticate the accounts in the apps you intend to use (aka log in to the apps to give Alloy permission to use their data).
  1. Configure the workflow to match your specific needs, the required fields that we selected in the recipe creation tutorial would show up here.
  1. Run through the workflow and make sure that accurate sample data is being passed through each block. Make sure to test each block to reduce errors later down the line.
  1. Activate your workflow and quickly see how much time a few clicks and save you!