Field Mapping


As we've seen throughout these articles, selecting data to "map" to a destination involves using the Alloy Variable Selector. The Alloy Variable Selector surfaces all values available in any given block and can be used to define exactly what data to send where.

Selecting Values

The simplest type of mapping involves selecting a single value. Selecting a single value is like specifying which key in an object to send over.

However, sometimes workflows need to get a bit more granular. We've build a workflow that triggers each time a new order is created in NetSuite. Let's assume you want to send over only the billingAddress sub-object to Snowflake.

The Netsuite event returns a payload as follows:

To select a sub-object using the variable selector, click it. You can select the arrow to see all the nested fields

Notice that objects are represented in the variable selector with an arrow. You can either select the entire object by clicking it or select values within the Billing Address object by clicking the dropdown and then selecting the values you want.

Selecting an Entire Output

Other times, you might want to select the entire block output to send over. To do this, select the "NetSuite Trigger" at the very top of the variable selector as seen below.

Wrapping Up

The Alloy Variable Selector makes it simple to select any object within a block output. In this article, we looked at how to select an entire block output, a sub-object, or just a key.