Streamline your Webflow site operations with Alloy!

Webflow is a no-code ecommerce platform making it easy to launch and customize your online store. When you launch your store through Webflow, editing your interface is as simple as point and click. Through Alloy you get the added simplicity of automating much of the underlying operations of your store through a no-code automation platform.


Webflow Triggers

  • Inventory Changed: Whenever your inventory levels dip, you are able to trigger a workflow, whether to update site merchandising, send out low in-stock marketing emails, or reach out to your supplier to purchase more inventory.

  • New Order: When a new order is placed you are able to trigger fulfillment notifications, coordinate with your 3PL provider, send upsell messaging to customers, and more!

  • Order Changed: Whether an order is changed because of you or the customer, once an order is changed, you can trigger the appropriate communications to customers and fulfillment partners.

  • Site Published: As things are published on your site, you can turn on or off your marketing cadences