Develop stronger relationships with your customers
Yotpo is one of the leading ecommerce marketing platforms. They offer a suite of products with functionality that covers ratings and reviews, loyalty programs, SMS marketing, and user generated content. While it can be challenging to manage and integrate all of Yotpo’s offerings with your other tools, Alloy makes it incredibly easy to get everything in sync.
Alloy supports both Yotpo Loyalty *and* Yotpo Reviews

Adding your Yotpo Account

To get started with using Yotpo on Alloy, you'll need to authenticate your account
For Yotpo Reviews: In the Authenticate step, you can click on the Connect Yotpo Reviews button to quickly connect your account.
For Yotpo Loyalty: In the Authenticate step, you can add your API Key and GUID from your account page
Once you have your account added, you can explore the full set of Yotpo functionality available on Alloy!
Last modified 4mo ago
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