Building Recipes

Now that your workflow is up and running, you can use all the time you've saved to share your automation with the community. Our Marketplace is full of tried and tested recipes from our growing community of experienced ecommerce operators. However, the Marketplace relies on the community to continue growing ecommerce's automation knowledge base, here's how submitting recipes helps our merchants:

  • Marketplace recipes guide our integration roadmap by identifying which use cases and apps are popular among operators.
  • Stores that frequently contribute recipes are rewarded with custom buildouts and additional support from our integration team.
  • More recipes means more merchants, and more merchants means more integrations! This makes creating recipes one the best ways users can make Alloy more powerful.

To ensure the quality of recipes on our Marketplace, they need to be error-free and reviewed by our integrations team before being published. Here's a step-by-step tutorial for how to turn you workflow into a public recipe.

Get Started — Once a workflow is finalized, head to your Dashboard and click Publish as Recipe from the workflow's dropdown menu. In this example, we'll use a simple workflow that notifies team members when products are low on inventory.


Describe your recipe — The Name should encompasses the workflow's use case while the Description should get into the specifics of how the apps were used and what parameters are set. Here, we name the recipe "Send Slack messages when inventory on Shopify is low", write out a short description, and chose the recipe categories.


Fill in required fields — Each block has fields that you've filled in when building the workflow, but these might not be the same for every store. In our example, we use 10 available items as our low inventory threshold, but your store might want this number to be higher or lower. By setting Titles and establishing Fields, you help other merchants navigate the workflow with more specificity.


Finalize and publish — Once happy with the state of the workflow, hit publish and await recipe approval! In the My Recipes section of the Marketplace, you can see the recipes that you've submitted that are approved or pending approval.

Viola! You're now contributing to the Alloy community in the most effective way possible — helping other savvy ecommerce operators improve their stores. To see how other users implement your recipe, check out our Using Recipes guide, where we walkthrough how to implement a Marketplace recipe into your store.