Third Party Sandbox Authentication

How to authenticate a third party sandbox account


In most cases the authentication for a sandbox account for any third party platform is handled the same way as a production account. But in some instances, this may not be the case and the third party will have a separate domain and environment for sandbox accounts which requires an entirely different redirect URL. Due to this third party limitation, this makes it difficult to be able to authenticate a sandbox account for testing before authenticating with a production account. We have thought of this and created a solution for such occasions.

Sandbox Authentication

As previously mentioned, some third party platforms require an entirely different redirect URL. Below we will show you how to handle this scenario.

In this example we will be looking at authenticating a QuickBooks sandbox account. The redirect URLs for authenticating QuickBooks for production and sandbox environments differ. For example

  • For sandbox and testing environments:​​
  • For production apps:​​

To solve for this we have added a toggle on the modal when authenticating your QuickBooks account.

Just simply click the toggle and we will point to the Sandbox authentication URL which will allow you to authenticate your sandbox account for testing.

Tip: Once you are done, be sure to delete your credential and re-authenticate your production account.