Python SDK

Alloy Python SDK

This SDK provides a Python interface for interacting with Alloy APIs. It's designed for flexibility and easy integration into Python projects and is distributed via PyPI.


The Alloy Python SDK can be easily installed using pip:

pip install alloy-python-sdk


The package needs to be configured with your account's API key, which is available in the Alloy Dashboard under settings. You must supply the API key with each instantiation of the module.

To set up Alloy's Embedded iPaaS, use the code snippet below:

from alloy_python.embedded import Embedded

# Initialize with your API key
embedded = Embedded('YOUR_API_KEY')

# Example usage with the App class
response = embedded.App.get_apps()


API Key for Testing

To test the SDK, you'll need to set the ALLOY_API_KEY environment variable. This can be done in your terminal session:

export ALLOY_API_KEY="your_api_key_here"

Running Test Scripts

The SDK includes a set of test scripts that you can use to verify its functionality. Before running these scripts, ensure that the ALLOY_API_KEY environment variable is set as described above. You may need to replace user IDs, workflow IDs, integration IDs, etc., in the test scripts with those specific to your Alloy account.

Run a test script using:

python3 test/

For example:

python3 test/apps/