Getting Started

What is Alloy?

As your business grows online, your workload typically increases even faster. Alloy is the no code automation platform for every online store. Alloy can help you save time and money by integrating your apps and automating routine tasks with easy pre-built drag and drop workflows.

Why use Alloy?

Alloy is built specifically for ecommerce with 100+ app integrations including popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. This means that you can create automations with data from your platform as a trigger or as a part of a workflow. For example, tagging customers in Shopify or triggering an automation when an order is made on your store.

Why start automating?

What would you do with another hour in the day? Technology promises to make our lives easier, but with more applications being added into your operations, just getting them to work can take a great effort. Alloy enables you to automate the work required to get your tech stack operating efficiently, giving you and your team more time in the day to work on that next big product launch, or delight your customers with new experiences. Companies that automate these tasks not only see an increase in revenue, and efficiency, but ultimately enable you to spend less time thinking about your apps, and more time thinking about your customers.

How does Alloy work?

Alloy allows you to create workflows between the apps in your tech stack.
For example, when someone places an order on your online store, Alloy could tell Klaviyo to send a thank you email or text to your customer with real-time delivery alerts so they always know where their orders are. Alloy could have slack instantly notify your team about the order. When Shipbob sends the order out, you could configure Pushowl to send out welcome promo codes or have Mailchimp save your customer and their lifetime spending. The possibilities for what you can automate are endless!

Select from 100+ app integrations and 500+ pre-built workflow templates for marketing, sales, fulfillment, customer service, and many other areas that can be customized to fit your needs.
Once your workflows are set up and activated, let your automations do the heavy lifting while you focus on ways to grow your business.

Who is Alloy for?

  • Alloy is for the Customer Service Manager who wants to have a 360 degree view of their customers, but has data siloed in multiple applications.
  • Alloy is for the Marketing manager who wants to offer social based promotions, but can't efficianty attribute customer source to customer cart info.