Modal Configuration

The Embedded Modal handles all your merchant's credentials and provides a set of APIs to manage them. To streamline authentication, we've created an SDK that auto generates a popup window to allow your users to quickly auth their accounts. Authentication, of course, is required for every app you link to Embedded. In addition, the modal allows merchants to customize integrations, meaning you don't have to build integration-specific interfaces to allow merchants to configure basic inputs.

This guide covers everything you need to know about the Embedded Modal:

  • Credential Management: How the modal collects credentials and how you can use the API to manage them.
  • Modal Configuration: The components of the modal, how to hide them when appropriate, and how to pass multiple workflows into the modal to create an integration.
  • Merchant Customization: The options available to your merchants when it comes to customizing the inputs of an integration's component workflows.
  • New Workflow Versions: How to update your users to new versions via the Embedded Modal.

To see the modal in action, read the Quick Start guide which walks through modal invocation for our Embedded Demo App's BigCommerce integration.